Activities at Kripalu Balika Primary School

Games & Sports

All study and no play does not cater to the needs of today’s child. Sports are an important aspect of a growing child. Facilities for games like Badminton, Kho-kho, softball, volleyball etc. are available for the students. Students are encouraged to participate and learn various games and sports.

Indoor games such as table tennis, board games etc. are also available for the students.

Yoga classes have helped the students to develop concentration and peace of mind. Physical education is promoted looking towards health aspects of children, so that they can grow up to be fit and active.

The school is looking forward to add more and more sport activities in the coming years for progressive growth, confidence building and physical fitness.

Annual Magazine

Gyan VigyanKBPS family takes the annual publishing of “Gyan Vigyan” as an activity rather than just an annual magazine. The students, staff and the management come together to make a well-equipped and interesting magazine. Students are found busy searching for facts and figures for their well-versed articles where as the editorial board is busy proof reading all the articles and helping students’ write educative and well-informed articles.

KBPS also takes a great pride in designing the magazine on its own.

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