Infrastructure Kripalu Balika Primary School


Kripalu Balika Primary School has a beautifully developed infrastructure. The School has an elegant reception hall, a prayer room, a well-equipped library, computer laboratory, a big spacious sports field, a lush green lawn and facilities for playing indoor and outdoor games. Furthermore the school provides its students with a state of the art auditorium for competitions, functions and events and interactive educational audio visuals.

KBPS has its own books and uniform shop within its premises for the convenience of its students. It also has its own canteen that offers healthy and hygienic food keeping in mind that health is wealth.

Additionally, KBPS has a well-equipped indoor recreation hall where the students can enjoy various indoor games.

Fire extinguishers have been installed throughout the campus for the safety of students .

Class Rooms

KBPS has 15 regular teaching rooms with a capacity of 50 students each. The class rooms are well ventilated with large windows ensuring a fresh and clean environment for the students to study in. Classrooms are spacious and have lighting arrangements as per required standards. The number of students in each class is restricted, so that the teachers give individual attention to each student. Aesthetically designed furniture has been provided in each classroom, keeping in mind the comfort of the child. Each classroom follows a different colour scheme and is well decorated to add to the ambience of the class rooms.

Activity Room

Studying could never have been more fun. KBPS provides its students with 2 vivacious and a well equipped activity rooms. This is where students learn the basics of computers and enhance their reading skills from a number of books available in different categories. Interactive learning, watching educational and fun videos, playing indoor games, learning yoga and participating in competitions all happens in the KBPS activity rooms. We not only cater to our student’s educational needs but to overall performance including physical fitness and leisure.

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