Rules & Regulations Kripalu Balika Primary School


Examinations & Promotion


Students must have a minimum of 75% attendance at the end of the academic session otherwise she will not be permitted to sit her final examination. The college will not be held responsible in any case.


For Class 10 board examination, students must fill in and submit their examination form/s by the specified date, otherwise the student will not be permitted to sit their Board Examination. The school will not be held responsible if a student fails to submit their form/s on time.


All examinations conducted by KBIC are compulsory. Students who are unable to attend an examination due to medical reason must present a medical certificate. The school will take appropriate action against students who fail to attend their examination for any other reason.


Library clearance must be taken before the student can receive her Admit Card for examinations.


Promotion to the next class depends upon the performance of the student throughout the year. The decision made by the School Principal is final.

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Rules & Regulations