Activities at Kripalu Balika Primary School


KBPS encourages a wide range of activities that give a unique opportunity to the students to participate in all the activities and specialize in their chosen area under the guidance of highly qualified and experienced teachers. It offers a platform to the child to prepare herself boldly and smartly and come out with an outstanding personality.

Students are offered dance and music as a special activity where they are given the foundations of professional training, starting from simple basics slowly switching to a higher level. Though all the students get exposure to music, those demonstrating special interest and capabilities for instrumental music like playing organs, drums, tabla, harmonium etc. are further shaped up by the respective experts.

Similarly groups of students having talents in performing arts like traditional dances, western dances, mimes, mono-acts and plays are also trained separately.


At KBPS the most relaxing, enjoying and fun making moments are the celebration times. All the festivals of our country, to name a few may it be Holi, Diwali, Dashera, Rakhabandhan, Janmashtami, Independence day, Christmas or Id etc. all are celebrated with full pomp and show. It is not just for fun but also to bring out the real theme and cause behind the celebration. It brings awareness in students about all religions and gives them the concept of ‘unity in diversity’.

Children’s Day, Annual Day celebrations and Sports day celebrations are the moments the students, parents and the staff impatiently wait for. Many hidden talents are discovered from these and a proper channel is arranged thereafter to help them bring out excellence in that field.


The progress of children is routinely monitored and evaluated through participations in various competitions like Poem recitation, Quick Maths competition, G.K. quiz, Master mind competition, Science Quiz, Reading competition, Handwriting competition, Drawing & colouring competition, Dance competition, Fancy dress competition, Best traditional competition, Storytelling competition, Just a minute competition etc. All students are encouraged to participate. This helps to bring a healthy spirit amongst the students in this competitive world and enhances their personality and confidence level.

Projects and Exhibitions

Students are given projects related to various topics in the curriculum which may be in the form of chart making, model making, album making, collection of various things or visiting a particular place and collecting information. Students are free to take help from teachers as well as their parents. This promotes extra reading, resourcefulness and practical conceptual understanding of the topic. The students enjoy this pattern of work more than the old memorization method.

Education exhibitions are arranged wherein the students projects, models, collections and experiments are displayed in front of parents and visitors. Students confidently answer the questions put forward by the panel of judges.

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